A new world for your money

Earn more than on any bank deposit.
Make a smart investment!

Be one of the first investors who will test how Fagura operates. We work as bees to develop the technical platform. We will notify you as soon as we have the first test version.

people want to be informed when Fagura will officialy launch.
people want to be informed when Fagura will officialy launch.

Our advantages

You get guaranteed a higher return than on bank deposits. We take into account that there will be some problematic loans that will be paid late, others will be compromised. We estimate you will earn at least 10% annually. We know you have a good sense of business.

Higher profits

than on bank deposits, at least 10% annualy

Risk management

Invest small amounts in different loans

Monthly income

You get monthly income after borrowers pay their rates

Easy investments

We have created a special section for auto investments.

Videographic: What is Fagura?

We are Fagura and our team is developing a P2P lending platform in South East Europe. The startup is registered in Estonia and has been successfully launched for Moldovan clients seeking funding. As for investors - the platform is open to all citizens from the European Union. The platform is now validated and we are expanding in Romania - a market of 20 million people.

What's the difference between Fagura
and the traditional model?

Banks win in the traditional model. In Fagura's system, investors get consistent profits.
Take what belongs to you. Because you deserve that!

How to invest?

Fagura is a new financial world that connects borrowers with investors interested in
higher profits.
Everybody gets some honey in our community. Life is sweeter when you have more money.

1. Open an account

Get an online account,
transfer funds and make investments

2. Choose a strategy

You choose the loans and the method
of investing: manually or automatically

3. Get profits

Get monthly profit on your bank account
from your investments

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